Free Digital Signage/Restaurant Menus with Apple TV app ez plus.

Kevin Jones
2 min readMay 3, 2020


1. People and businesses can display anything on their TV.
2. Increase sales displaying food and beverage items.
3. Save money by cutting your cable bill.
4. It’s free.

What’s the value:
Small businesses want to add digital signage to increase customer engagement. However, business owners are reluctant to adopt new technology due to unclear results and increased costs. ez plus created a digital signage solution to clear up the confusion and minimize the costs — all the way to zero…FREE! Homepage:

Below is an example of how your image can be displayed.

Why did we start this:
We made the app because we wanted to build something our friends who own small businesses can use, something which would allow them not to pay for cable TV, and something that could test engagement. The software was born from a conversation with friends who have TVs in their stores and wanted to display a variety of different menus and product pictures on the TV. Store owners also mentioned their reluctance to continue using digital signage products due to monthly service fees. To try to solve their problems, ez plus was created.

Cut the cord:
To make the product more engaging the app has a feed page that can display weather, news, and stock updates between in-store product images being displayed — all of which are configured via the iPhone app. By using the service, businesses have been able to cancel their cable contracts and now save $80 a month.

About us:
We have amazing screen technology at home that we don’t take advantage of — our TV! ez plus was created by Silicon Valley engineers who wanted to bring more color into people’s lives, show you relevant content on your TV, and save you money by cutting your cable bill.