Taking Back Mornings.

Kevin Jones
3 min readDec 16, 2020


Let your future exist today by automating your morning routine: alarm sounds, coffee is made (and possibly poured), and the television displays weather, local news, and sports automatically. As you pass by the living room and into the kitchen; you’ll take a sip of coffee and leisurely check the weather and the latest local news. Here is what you’re future TV automation can look like today:

Below is the why, what, and how, which will save your precious early morning minutes.

Why morning noise?

You probably ask one of the three sweethearts: Siri, Google, or Alexa, “How’s the weather today?” or “What’s the morning going to be like?” If you do then you already know that it’s not convenient to audibly remember different temperatures, different times of day, and associate each with rain or shine. People have way better with visual memory, “visual information comprises 90% of the data that comes into the brain.”

Also, when we wake up we don’t want to be bombarded with audible information, we want the content to be classy and passive. We want to be able to view the content as we pass between rooms or if we are seated at the table. We want to know that we are in control and, unlike our phone, the device doesn’t have to be attached to us. The ez plus app enables people to delay unplugging their phone in the morning. Take back mornings with help from ez plus.

What can I show on my TV?

News and Sports Content

How do I start?

ez plus is free, but it’s currently only available on the Apple TV.

If you own an Apple TV, the one with a black remote (this is the Apple TV with the app store enabled), then follow these instructions:

  1. Open your Apple TV, search for ez plus and download:
ez plus logo

2. Create an automation with your iPhone to turn on the Apple TV.

a. Be near your Apple TV, turn on your WiFi and bluetooth, and Apple TV.

b. Follow this 60 second tutorial video. In this example, the name of the Apple TV box is hiApple. Your Apple TV will have a different name.

c. Now test your automation. Make sure your Apple TV and television are turned off. Reopen shortcuts on your iPhone and click your new automation.

3. Finalize your automation routine by including a turn off TV automation: video tutorial. You can play around and add the automation to turn the TV off when you leave, but we will just create a simple automation to turn the TV off in 30 minutes.

For the curious

The reason the automation works is because of a technology called CEC, which comes default in new televisions. The CEC feature is simple, but critical for enabling automations, aka future proof. Many TVs have the feature, but some TVs CEC isn’t fully functional. For example, CEC may need to be enabled so the Apple TV can turn on and off the TV, which is required for complete autonomy.


ez plus: a free digital signage company